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013 - (A-Z Series) D for Disneyland PART 2

April 19th, 2017

On the second part of this very special episode of the Podcast, Tom and Michael continue their conversation with 6 - yes, 6 guests to talk about one of the most magical and beloved places of all time: Disneyland.

Join us as we chat about park food, how to do a trip on the cheap, favorite rides and more!  It's a really fun time, and we got to have Dole Whip, corn dogs, cupcakes and REALLY good Matterhorn Macaroons.  Special thanks to Lisa, Rain, Terry, Trish, Michelle and Victoria for joining us!

NOTE: This Episode was recorded in stereo, meaning different people are on different sides of the audio based on where they were sitting in the room.  If you normally listen to podcasts with one earbud, you should listen to this one with 2, otherwise you'll miss out on half of the conversation!

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